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'Smoke Investigation' call



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  • Realjessey -

    Liked Smudgy58’s post in the thread Show all Vehicle Suggestion.

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    Hello all, Just a little suggestion i thought of, Don't know if its been suggested before. But where you have the station Tab List, You can hide vehicles, so it only shows station names. If you have a lot of stations and decide to not view a couple of…
  • Realjessey -

    Liked Deej93’s post in the thread **NEW** Mission Suggestions.

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    Name/Type of Mission: TIMED MISSION Fuel reduction burn/Controlled burn Units Required: 6 Fire Engines 1 Battalion Chief POI Required (Use “none” if not needed) None Patients: 0 Prisoners: 0 Credit Reward: 1200-3200
  • Obiwan -

    Liked rescuenut93’s post in the thread 'Smoke Investigation' call.

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    The only thing is Smoke Investigation leads to Roof Fire. I can deal with 2 engines but what about adding a Battalion Chief as well so that if it escalates you can just send a ladder truck next? Now I see everyones point with the Ladder Truck but can we…
  • emergency4fan -

    Liked Aether’s post in the thread Federal Civil Defence Agency Vehicles.

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    This was an administration aimed towards protecting us from nuclear attacks against the Soviet Union, not handling 911 calls. Thread locked. You can PM me with a good reason to get it unlocked.
  • emergency4fan -

    Liked Kaiser’s post in the thread More Fire Boat Missions.

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    I definitely agree. Right now it's a bit limited, with only the 3 calls. I think that with something as expensive as the fire boat dock and the fire boats we should get more missions. Although I would say that we should be encouraged to get more fire…
  • emergency4fan -

    Liked Wizz’s post in the thread Federal Civil Defence Administration.

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    Quote from Wolfman1988: “are you interested Obiwan? ” He would of joined if he was interested....
  • emergency4fan -

    Liked Obiwan’s post in the thread Federal Civil Defence Administration.

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    Quote from Wolfman1988: “how do i get members interested? ” Interesting Question.
  • Highlander -

    Replied to the thread UK Graphics Expanded.

    @Gav539 Not Been on for a while but I am truly amazed by your Design it looks exactly like my local pump, Have you ever thought about making Abbie from Grampion? Also random idea for your Old pack how about the North East Fire Brigade?
  • TACRfan -

    Replied to the thread What is the difference.

    Alarm and response regulations dispatch the required amount of resources. Groups allow you to select specific vehicles and add them to a group.
  • Caolan753 -

    Posted the thread What is the difference.

    What is the difference between the alarm and response regulation and groups?