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  • Title says it all. What do you guys think?

  • Quote from newfoundking: “The centre bottom of your graphic is placed on the call. It's supposed to be set up like a pointer, with the middle being the needle that points ” thanks

  • Not sure if this is actually plausible but going to throw it out there anyway. Would it be possible so that when you close (but not exit) and its still in the apps 'dock' to have the game still running so it does not have to go through the loading screen every time it reopens? Not a huge problem but something that's been bugging me for a while.

  • If I were to make a mission graphics pack where would the graphic be placed? Would the graphic be centered on the call or would the bottom center be where the call is?

  • Quote from Latteralus: “Hello, I play quite a bit on mobile and notice that Missionchief drains my battery fairly rapidly. I was thinking about ways to improve performance and made an assumption that the map (Moving vehicles, tracking alliance vehicles, alliance buildings, etc) is probably to blame for 99% of the performance/battery drain issues. It would be great if we could disable the map, I honestly don't look at it unless I'm on my home computer with my large screen. When I play on my lapto…

  • Quote from Realjessey: “You can switch it off go into dispatch control room & The option is there ” thanks!

  • Thanks. Got to it before I could

  • also what do you all think about a standby call like concerts/games, but it would be for PD only for a school SRO?

  • @PortuguesDC I completly agree with you. I would love the option to switch between them

  • Quote from zapdoshunter: “My account has stopped receiving local calls for a month now I have tried refreshing my cash that did nothing I even moved my fire hall and that didn't work either I'm using my phone on Android i hope I gave enough info to help me ” how far way are the calls you are getting from your stations? Try placing some of your own POIs also.

  • Rescue engine

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    In game it will count as a rescue and an engine for the call requirements.

  • I've had this happen to me. I think it has something to do with the number of people using it, either increasing or decreasing, and it updating on the list, because once I go back on a while later it is fine and the people using the pack has changed

  • Dont the saved missions go in order of who created one last?

  • Quote from StuartA1984: “if you go to station. and click on the bit were you want to change the name there should be a option to add a building graphic. Building image LancFRS.png Vehicles you should see the option for building image then it tells you your vehicles. ” oh yeah. I knew about that. I was looking for a way to change all of them at once along with the alliance icons. Thanks though!

  • Quote from PortuguesDC: “Quote from Missionchief17: “It would be a nice addition if we could change all building graphics including alliance ones, similar to the way vehicle/icon graphics work. And/or have the option to change all the building graphics at once. ” I had this idea when I was making my building icons last week, but I have a question about your ideaDo the building icons change for all members or just for the person who changes it? ” It would just be for the person who changes it. --…

  • It would be a nice addition if we could change all building graphics including alliance ones, similar to the way vehicle/icon graphics work. And/or have the option to change all the building graphics at once.

  • Quote from PortuguesDC: “-Type 6 engine (from what I've seen is the Portuguese "VLCI" equivalent, a light pumper) Note: Should be able to be bought with the station like the rest of the engines , also max staff = 3 ” What would be the difference between this and a type 2? I mean, in-game use, not real life use. Quote from PortuguesDC: “-Diving Team I almost forgot this one, it came up to my mind when we were asked about options for towing vehicles for the boats, etc. Around here the diving team …

  • game lag

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    I have also found the zoom on the map sometimes has to do with the lag. I will try and get a video but every time I have a chance to record it is fine......

  • It would be nice if we were able to make a lump sum donation to the alliance fund

  • Have the ability to search either for people or keywords in the chat history