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  • Game slow

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    Missionchief17 Over the last few days the game seems to be going slower and slower. My internet speed has been constant over the last few days so it can't be that... There's no specific part of the game that's slow. It's the game in entirety. Started 3-4 days ago Android lollipop Using app v2 Been using the same graphic pack since forever No error code Did clear app cache

  • not responding

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  • Not being completed

    Missionchief17 - - Errors, Bugs


    This has happened before and has to do with the server difficulties being discussed here:…/3548-Calls-not-Spawning/ as smudgy58 said we just have to be patient

  • Calls not Spawning

    Missionchief17 - - Errors, Bugs


    Mine are not spawning and the ones I have are stuck on arrival

  • Alarm & Response

    Missionchief17 - - General Discussion


    This is my main one (first 3 screenshots):…03807a8843263a1eba35e59a6 And my single units (4th screenshot):…323416bfec32d7d0928351858 Last but not least, standby event units (5th):…2e35359799ca80647e99d1ffd

  • It would be nice if we could know how long it is until our units arrive to the staging area like regular calls.

  • Staging areas

    Missionchief17 - - Errors, Bugs


    I rarely use staging areas but I did today and I could click all the units I wanted but it would only dispatch 10. The red German error page would come up as it dispatched them. If I selected less than 10 everything was fine. An alliance member said that this happened to him the last time he used a staging area but it didn't this time. Also, not sure if this is an error or should be a suggestion, but the loading dispatch time (for 10 units) is significantly longer for staging areas than dispatch…

  • I left my app open in the drawer and it generated like 3 calls and just stopped even though I kept it there for 20 minutes. Wish you can leave it open like on PC.

  • Im also going to have to disagree. My region's 'fly cars' are EMS personnel that just happen to be dispatched by police radio and are within the same department building. Police often do respond but it is to aid the paramedics and not to preform their own aid. I see what your trying to get at but even if the officer arrived before EMS there's little that they would be able to do anyway.

  • Do you exit and close the app or is it still in your 'app ddrawer' when it doesn't generate calls? I'm pretty sure for me, if I just exit the app and still leave it in my app drawer, it still generates calls. I'll pay attention to this and let you know for sure. Also another great thing for app users would being able to exit the app, with it still in the app drawer, and come back to it where you left off, not having to wait for it to reload. (I brought this up before but really didn't get anywhe…

  • I would like to see more classrooms but 20 or 30 seems quite a jump. Great idea, I like it.

  • Good points. Thanks for the feedback guys!

  • New calls

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    Residential burglary alarm 2-3 police cars, 0-1 K9 Commercial burglary alarm 3-4 police cars, 0-1 K9 Traffic stop 1-2 police cars, 0-1 K9 Suspicious person/vehicle 1 police car EDP (emotionally disturbed person) 3-4 police cars, 2 EMS Assault 3-4 police cars, 2 EMS Criminal mischief 1-2 police cars Menacing 1-2 police cars Harassment 1-2 police cars Identity fraud 1 police car Animal cruelty 1-2 police cars Reckless endangerment 2-3 police cars Recovered property 1 police car Extortion 1-2 polic…

  • New call I thought of would be a traffic signal out. It would require 2 police cars and would pay 250-500 credits

  • Parade 1 hour 5-7 fire trucks, 5-7 police, 3-6 EMS, 2 K9 3,000-4,000 credits Fireworks standby 30 minutes 2-3 fire trucks 1,000-2,000 credits Special event traffic directing 2 hours 4-5 police cars 2,000-3,000 credits Fair standby 3 hours 4-5 police, 3-4 EMS, 0-2 fire trucks, 2 K9 3,000-4,000 credits Car race 3 hours 4-5 fire trucks, 4-5 police 2-3 EMS Air show 3 hours 4-5 police, 1 SWAT, 2 K9, 2-3 EMS, 2 ARFF 4,000-5,000 credits Run/race/walk/bike 3 hours 4-5 police, 2 K9, 3-4 EMS 3,000-4,000 c…

  • What do you all think about having rewards for pack creators. Say start out with small credit rewards and move up to coin rewards. Example you guys can play with: 25 users - 25,000 credits 50 users- 50,000 credits 100 users- 100,000 credits 250 users- 5 coins 500 users- 10 coins 1000 users- 15 coins 2000 users- 20 coins

  • Quote from TACRfan: “Go into your dispatch centre and check the maximum distance, if the mission is too far away you will be able to see it on the map but not on the list of mission ” oh, so that's what that's for. Cool

  • Dont quote me on this but I don't think their too far away because if a member is around him, he'll ask them to share it in chat and he can respond that way.

  • its here where you can find this suggestion: