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  • Quote from TACRfan: “Unsure, it would be a bit of trial and error to see ” It really is. Don't know if it is a bug or not but it's hit and miss for me. Sometimes a HR or tower can handle a gas leak other times it still need a engine.

  • New Callouts List

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    Quote from StuartA1984: “Quote from me181: “Quote from StuartA1984: “Quote from me181: “Quote from PiGuy6248: “No, there isn't a lift assist call in game already. ” There is, check the list of calls, it comes under elevator rescue. ” lift assist could be EMS Requesting FD to help move a patient. Example a Cardic Arrest to lift assist call? ” Cardiac Arrest in a broken lift, don't want to sound too pessimistic but that sounds like an undertaker job ” lift as in lift the person up. Not lift as in …

  • Bush party Raid

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    Quote from emergency4fan: “what exactly do you mean most people? ” You know MOST people like weird forest parties like you and me. "8 police cars and 1 k-9 unit" I feel like this is WAY to high unless you are expecting to run into a drug cartel or moonshiners. Two cops and a k-9 would be enough to break up the party and maybe even arrest a couple people though most of those parties are not illegal depending how they are set up

  • LSS Manager for missionchief

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    Really like this plug in! Great job guys! I have noticed there are still somethings that could use translation though

  • It is all highly dependent of scenario and vehicles. Most departments and counties have rules and regulations against it because of legal issues. What if patients fight? Really small box. What if the second patient degrades and needs a stretcher... well you only have one. I do think if it is added that a lot of people will take advantage of this. Now working like most cities and counties it makes sense to send ambulances for what you have patients. Maybe if you have 6 patients and don't want to …

  • I have tested it on different calls and it is actually working for me. I now have a use for all those idling trucks. Thanks so much!

  • Quote from TACRfan: “Just because it says it requires a type 1 doesn't necessarily mean it won't clear with something else, I send rescues and utilities to trees down ” Really? I have had some issues with it in the past but I will try again to see if it works. Thanks for the response!

  • Can we possibly expand the abilities of the heavy rescue and utility? Right now it seems like it seems that engines do everything in the game and I mean EVERYTHING. I rarely have a single call that can cleared without one on scene. In my area we use utility and heavy rescue trucks for a lot of things to save on using the engines so much. Missions like "power lines down" or "tree on the road" I think could be passed over to one of these other units while the engines are somewhere else cranking ca…

  • I do not know how hard it would be for them to implement this in the game or how long it would be until it is ever done. One thing I do like to do with my units I need to move like Fire trucks is just click on a truck and "move" to another station. It does allow me to make sure I have enough coverage. I would suggest having a free expansion slot and remembering to move the trucks back later.

  • Quote from letsgohope12: “Broward County (FL) sheriff operates the fire services. ” Little weird I guess compared to the rest of the places I have seen but if it works for them.

  • Quote from letsgohope12: “Quote from Gavin876: “Quote from rescuenut93: “What we need is an ALS Engine. That can put out fires and transport patients. Florida has them. ” And the rest of the country makes fun of them for it. I can tell you that we have hundreds of things we want to add before we'll even start thinking about combining an ambulance with an engine. ” Haha that is SO true those things are ridiculous……

  • Battalion Chief car

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    Hello and sorry if this has already been asked. I searched the forums with zero answer. I am wondering what the use of a battalion chief is in this game. I haven't bought any yet but I am wondering what they can do. Maybe respond to medical or fire calls? Thanks!

  • I agree with this as many departments do the same thing in my area

  • So please let me know if there is something like this already in the game but I have not seen something close yet. In my area we use "mini rescue or utility trucks" converted into medical trucks. All fire stations paid or volunteer in upstate New York love these things. I have also seen many of these across the country but don't know their feelings. It allows fire personal to respond to medical calls without taking out the big engine and some even outfit these to be rescue vehicles. What I am pr…

  • Would like to see this

  • Water Rescue

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    Would like to see something like this added and maybe make it a special training option. I am in New York where there are a lot of lakes and rivers. Most departments including volunteer have dive teams along with boats for rescue.

  • I think there should be some new POI options added to the game. Might also help with getting a lot more basic calls that some people request. Restaurant - Did not see this or a variation as a option. Would like to see it added as it could add ems calls to that location or maybe even grease fires. Bars - Adds possibility for drunk drivers or bar fights. Something that could require a lot of police and ems to be on scene to handle. Library - If there is something like this please let me know. I ha…

  • Bump! Really like this idea a lot. I don't know if there is a way to code this to be set up for every station as they have their own boundaries or maybe everything as a whole.