Improve Station Personnel

    • Improve Station Personnel

      Hello, I suggest that as the staff improves, gain experience and raise example : Rank.
      When a mission is completed in addition to giving the credits for the same the personnel that gains experience depending on the complexity of the same would be the experience that sumen.
      Thank you for readingSorry if there are spelling errors, I'm Argentine and I publish with translation

      Hola, sugiero que a medida que el personal mejora, ganar experiencia y plantear ejemplo: Rank.Cuando se completa una misión además de dar los créditos para el mismo el personal que gana experiencia dependiendo de la complejidad de la misma sería la experiencia que sumen. Gracias por leer Lo siento si hay errores de ortografía, soy argentino y publico con traducción
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    • Interesting idea, the only problem I see is if you have been playing the game for a while all of you firefighters will be the same high rank, I have suggested in the past lieutenant training for fire personnel which would make any vehicle they use act as a battalion chief and then make Chief a new requirement for the higher level calls. In the meantime you can rename personnel at your stations, so you could name them to have a rank.
    • C-504 wrote:

      I cant speak for the rest of the world but in the US, many of us firefighters are also trained in medical (EMT/Paramedic) and i agree, would be nice to have medical capabilities/school for firefighters and also have BLS ambulances or Paramedic ambulances based on their qualifications as well.
      To get BLS and ALS ambulances the whole patient care system would have to be re designed, the way it works at the moment all units heal a percentage of a patient, the fly car heals a larger percentage and the ambulance and hems heal 100% and as a result can transport, that is why fly cars still require an ambulance to be on scene because only the ambulance can heal the patient to 100%, all other units are pretty much BLS trained as is.
    • What if we used the rank system to promote people from the station. Something option since it will be hard for the new people who are just stattin. You could run courses to become a Chief, BC, Fire investigator, captain, engineer and so on, once they have a high enough rank you can promote them (based of number of calls? IDEAS?) . Maybe use it to help speed up mission times? So a engine company with a engineer, captain and firefighter can fight a bin fire in 1 minute instead of 2 minutes or something like that. This way if you never promote your can still get the job done just fine, but if you decide too it can help benefit you. Same thing with police, if we ever moved into the K9, sergeant, detective and such.
    • hawker5 wrote:

      I'm sure this has been discussed but I havent located the thread for it. Is it possible to transfer personnel between stations? Rather than constantly hiring and firing personnel, is there an update coming that will allow us to transfer between stations? Sorry if this is a repeat.
      We don't announce coming updates. We do recognize that several people have asked for this. Moderator
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