*NEW* London Emergency Services.

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    • *NEW* London Emergency Services.

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      Welcome to London Emergency Services, We're a new alliance that are actively recruiting with Alliance Missions daily.

      We have a realism aim, for example, units will be named similar to real life depending on their area or type.
      New members will be looked after by us, giving them a chance to grow in the Alliance and their game.
      We do Alliance missions daily, this is a good chance to get credits quickly and expand in your game.
      We have experienced members.
      We have many areas in London available for taking.
      The application process is simple, fast and easy! Just message me:

      What area do you play in:
      What unit(s) do you own:

      How many credits do you have:

      And that's it, PM me that on Missionchief (JDale) and you're good to go.

      LES: Join Today! ;)

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