Tactical EMS

    • Tactical EMS

      Where i'm from they have tactical EMS( basically SWAT but a little dumbed down). Tactical EMS can go into dangerous situations where as an ambo team would not be able to enter the building yet due to a hostile situation.
    • Here in Canada, A Tactical Paramedic EMS are complete medics. They do anything a regular paramedic can. So the answer can tactical paramedics complete the call....Yes, absolutely they can. These Tactical medics are used in high volatile situations such as hostage taking, or anything where the situation is high risk. When not on calls for high risk, tactical medics perform regular duties as a regular medic would.

      My opinion about having Tactical medics is not necessary. Just use the already EMS unit available and call it a Tactical Medic or whatever. Its the same as high angle rescue firefighters. Every city has them. Most do their regular duties as a firefighter but have extra training as high angle rescue or trench rescue.

      Maybe we can add specialized courses to the training section, so have courses in High Angle Rescue, Trench Rescue, Tactical Medics, Jaws training etc. Just improve the school training in adding more courses for each employee you have at your departments.

      We need to understand that its easy to complete the requests you want with the already current supply of vehicles. All that is needed is a little creativity, and specialized training in the training schools. All we see on this game is the apparatus responding to the call. Remember this is a dispatch game. We dont actually see any rescues being done on the game. So if a Tactical medic is requested for example, make an ems you already have a tactical medic. Whats the point of having a tactical medic inputted into the game when all you see is the apparatus responding?

      Don't get me wrong, there are many great ideas, I am just being the devils advocate in all this. I'm trying to see much needed requests go through rather than requests that we can already do with a little creativity and training.

      Not here to offend anyone. Just putting in my two cents. Hope this makes sense.
    • Tactical EMS is another word for a SWAT Medic. A SWAT Medic functions as a full-time member of the SWAT Team. They go through the same training and qualifications as any other SWAT Team member would go through. The only difference, they are a Paramedic as well. For trench rescue, jaws of life implementation, and high angle rescue, you are thinking more of an ESU team like the NYPD has. Majority of the time, the Fire Departments will have specialty teams that will handle those type of events.