Possible Map Upgrade

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    • Possible Map Upgrade

      Hello all,

      I was wondering if a more interactive/accurate map has been thought of? I know the map that the game currently uses a free map which makes sense business wise, but for the consumers, it can be quite inaccurate. Google maps is quite expensive to get a license for but is there any maps out there that are similar that would give the map a much needed upgrade?
    • Additionally, we're not aware of any other mapping software that is free or cheap to use beyond OSM. Most require expensive licencing as you highlighted in your post isn't a financially viable option for us.

      As Gavin stated though, you can make OSM more accurate by making edits yourself to the map (with the O for Open referring to it being open for editing). openstreetmap.org is where you need to look. Your first edits need verifying so won't display straight away but my edits were usually active in 24 hours.

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