Portuguese Building Icons

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    • Portuguese Building Icons

      Since I had this idea and I liked so much how it looked on my map (In this account at Portugal I only have EMS Stations) and we already have over 250 players in the Original Version pack

      I decided to share the Icons I've made for all Portuguese and any other players that want to use them, I have to admit I didn't like the outcome of the Fire Department contrast to the map and some of this icons may be updated in the future
      Here is a quick preview of how my map looks like (alliance buildings off)

      Building Icons:

      CVP - (Portuguese Red Cross)

      INEM - (National Medical Emergency Institute)

      INEM w/INEM wrote on it - (National Medical Emergency Institute)

      INEM (Black) currently using for Helicopter stations - (National Medical Emergency Institute)

      GNR - (National Republican Guard)

      GIPS (GNR) - (Protection and Rescue Intervention Group)

      ANPC - (National Civil Protection Association)

      PSP - (Public Safety Police)

      Polícia Marítima - (Maritime Police)

      PJ - (Judiciary Police)

      Bombeiros V1 - (Firefighters)

      Bombeiros V2 (if it fits better with your game) - (Firefighters)

      Bombeiros EMS (Decided to make these just in case you want to make FD Ambulances at an Ambulance Station) -(Firefighters)

      Military EMS (I will open more in the future but I currently have a military EMS station)

      Hospital (pretty sure this is the same around everywhere xD)

      Hope you like it, will add more if needed

      Creator of the Portuguese Units Graphic Pack!

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    • Today I have a few more, being one of them an important one that I completly forgot about :/

      ANA - (Airports and Aerial Navigation) it's an organization that has units around Portuguese Airports (Fire Department Included) and they manage the services around it

      FEB (ANPC) - (Special Firefighting Force) it's part of ANPC (before mentioned)

      Creator of the Portuguese Units Graphic Pack!
    • Yet another update!
      This time a major one :D


      Bombeiros V3 - (Firefighters) yet another version

      SANAS - which is a Water Rescue Group from Madeira Island

      Combate à Poluição (Autoridade Marítima) - HAZMAT group from Portuguese Maritime Authority

      CGP V1 - (Prision Guards)

      CGP V2 - (Prision Guards)

      Governo Portugal - (Portuguese Government)

      Governo Portugal Versão Branca - (Portuguese Government) White Version

      Exército V1 - (Army) V1

      Exército V2 - (Army) V2

      ISN (Autoridade Marítima) - Portuguese Water Rescue Institute from the Portuguese Maritime Authority

      Direção Geral Autoridade Marítima - Maritime Authority Group

      FAP - (Portuguese Air Force)

      PSP V2 - (Public Safety Police)

      UEP (PSP) - (Police Special Unit) from (Public Safety Police)

      That's all for today :thumbsup:

      Creator of the Portuguese Units Graphic Pack!