Police Aviation

    • It just seems odd of all things to add to the Police, as the helicopter is rarely used.

      In the UK it costs £1,500 an hour to have it flying. Therefore it doesn't just get called to everything.

      The number of calls it would be used on are rather limited to a small handful. There would be better use of armed police, dog units, anti-social behaviour units etc. Presuming the missions are then made to fit.

      Additionally, there is no job (at least in the UK) where a helicopter is an actual requirement. It's extremely useful but it's never a case that a job is impossible to complete without it. Missing persons can have searches done on foot with trained POLSA (Police Search Advisor) teams, with dogs etc. Having a helicopter speeds this up as it can cover some ground but doesn't bring the job to a halt. Offenders on scene for a burglary can be contained again by alternative units but a helicopter can help cover this.

      I get the impression the developer works alone and is not interested in receiving developer support from others? I'm sure there are many who are willing to help however it all seems to fall down to Sebastian to do something. While I appreciate it's his game, as for an expanding online game it will need the additional support.

      The addition for missions appears to be just creating an array of data as you would see it in the 'mission help' screen. I imagine creating new units is the same and perhaps a little bit of scripting inbetween.

      I was about to spend £40 or so on coins, however baring the information that the developer has no interest in listening to players I cannot see my money investing well. I was under the impression the money would go into paying for the time to be spent on improving the game, however as it appears to be going into the back pocket of a disinterested sole developer I'll spend my money on a sufficiently better managed game. Thanks.

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