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      Hello! My name is Carson and I am apart of DC Metro Area Fire/Rescue on Mission-chief. We are a small alliance right now, with only a few members. We are looking for active and chill players who can take some jurisdictions and run them.

      We are a realistic group, we strive to build each jurisdiction the most realistically it can get. Obviously we may run into some issues and have to improvise, but it's all in fun!

      Before I get more in depth, I'd like to explain what is "DC Metro" and why you should join.

      The DC (District of Columbia) Metropolitan Area is located on the East Coast of the United States. It includes the states of Virginia and Maryland, along with the District of Columbia.
      The surrounding counties came together to create an agreement to help with incident coordination and responses. This agreement set up by the Metropolitan Washington Council of
      Governments, would give a total of 15 jurisdictions a prefix to their unit numbers. Considering this area is pretty mutual aid heavy, this was needed. An example of the prefix in

      Let's say a reported structure fire is dispatched in box 10600 of Arlington County on the border of Fairfax, a typical rundown of that assignment would be as follows:

      E106, E428, E108, E102, T106, TL401, R401, M106, BC112, BC111, CA114, EMS112, EMS404, SAF403, INV15

      E - Engine
      T - Truck
      TL - Tower Ladder
      R - Rescue
      M - Medic
      BC - Battalion Chief
      EMS - EMS Supervisor
      SAF - Safety Officer
      INV - Fire Investigator

      If you take a look at the numbers of every unit (besides the investigator) that are responding, they are in a 3 digit format. If you take out the first number in the sequence
      and you look at the last two, that would be the company number without the agreement. For example the first due engine would be Engine 6 not Engine 106. There are 2
      different counties responding to this call, Arlington and Fairfax. Arlington is designated the prefix of "1" for all of their units. Fairfax has a designated prefix of "4" for all of
      their units. So using that, you can see that Fairfax is sending 5 units to the call in Arlington. So without even having to think officers and dispatch know who is coming from
      where on certain calls.

      The list of counties and their prefixes are found below:

      000 - District of Columbia
      100 - Arlington County
      200 - Alexandria City
      300 - Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (Airport, MWAA for short)
      400 - Fairfax County, City, Fort Belivoir
      500 - Prince William County, Quantico
      600 - Loudoun County
      700 - Montgomery County
      800 - Prince George's County
      900 - Frederick County
      1000 - Charles County
      1100 - Fauquier County
      1200 - Culpeper County
      1400 - Rappahannock County
      1500 - Stafford County, Fredericksburg

      Each county has sects that may be considered on a military base, or a city inside the county. They still
      use the prefix designated for that county. MWAA is in two different places. MWAA holds authority over
      Dulles International Airport located in Chantilly, Virginia. MWAA also holds authority over Ronald Reagan
      National Airport located in Arlington, Virginia.

      Members who join are expected to build their jurisdiction they are assigned as realistically as possible. One thing
      you are allowed to do is do multiple jurisdictions, but we will only allow you to do so once you've shown to us that
      you are active. Remember, a county we reserve for you could be someone else's. If you want to request a county
      to expand into, just shoot me (CZick) or Ben (benfdlr14) a message on Missionchief. We should respond in a day or so.

      ANYWAYS! Back onto the whole recruitment side of things, The following is what we want out of our members:


      - Active (Play everyday, exceptions can be made)

      - Friendly
      (Self explanatory, don't be a jerk)

      - Sharing (We do a lot of mutual aid, so if someone requests mutual aid don't blow them off)

      - Follow Our Rules (duh)

      These are the basis for more rules, I can't think of any others right now.

      The following list is of counties are either vacant or reserved/filled:

      000 - District of Columbia (DC) - VACANT
      100 - Arlington County & Fort Myer (VA) - VACANT
      200 - Alexandria City (VA) - VACANT
      301 - MWAA/Reagan National (VA) - VACANT
      302/303/304 - MWAA/Dulles International (VA) - Carson
      400 - Fairfax County, City of Fairfax, & Fort Belvoir (VA) - Carson
      500 - Prince William County, City of Manassas, City of Manassas Park & MCB Quantico (VA) - Ben
      600 - Loudoun County (VA) - Carson
      700 - Montgomery County (MD) - Jalen
      800 - Prince George's County (MD) - Carson (Alt)

      900 - Frederick County (MD) - VACANT
      1000 - Charles County (MD) - Carson
      1100 - Fauquier County (VA) - Ben
      1200 - Culpeper County (VA) - VACANT
      1400 - Rappahannock County (VA) - VACANT
      1500 - Stafford County & City of Fredericksburg (VA) - Ben

      Anne Arundel County (MD) - VACANT
      Spotsylvania County (VA) - VACANT
      Howard County (MD) - VACANT

      We can (and will) add more jurisdictions that are outside of the metro area, but can still serve as mutual aid to counties that are nearby.
      (example: Baltimore County & City.)

      Also we will post in the alliance board when storms will happen.

      To help even further with mutual aid, we add a prefix of letters in front of each unit. For example an engine from Fairfax County would be
      "FFX Engine 401". Each prefix is between 2-4 letters. We make the prefixes whatever just makes sense. I'll dm those that are interested in
      joining more information about the letter prefix.

      For those who have finally read thru this giant message. If you still feel like joining, shoot me a private message, friend me on Missionchief
      and then message me there. You can also post in the thread saying you'd like to join and I can contact you from there. I will discuss more details
      and final touches at that point.

      Our Group name is "DC Metro Area Fire/Rescue"

      Hope to see some of you applicants join us in our alliance! :D
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      Co-Admin of DC Metro Area Fire/Rescue

      Message me for more info!