U.S. Task Force 1 Now accepting

    • U.S. Task Force 1 Now accepting

      We are looking for stedy member who they may not be on every day are still on a few times a week to help us grow. we have a county in Maryland that we would like help with and 3 counties in New Jersey we need covered. Send in an application if you are intrested or would be willing to help.

      We are still a small alliance so we will have opening for advancement. The allaince will provied hosptials, prisons, and schools as we grow.

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    • Alliance Event this Sunday starting at time between 0600 and 0900 est South Eastern Pa, Northern De, South Jersey, and North East Md. Looking for players to help out. Join the allaince 9US Emergency Services today and get 100% for all allaince buildings for the event stay with us and get 90% discount for 7% contribution to the allaince.