Battalion Chief for EMS, PD, Boat stations

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    • Battalion Chief for EMS, PD, Boat stations

      With the addition of the EMS Rescue, it would be a good idea to carry that over with an EMS Battalion, as well as one for the boat stations. The aircraft hijack call requires a Battalion as well, so I’d even make the argument to include it on the PD as well.

      I’m doing FDNY and with the marine response, the marine battalion responds and is stationed where the boat docks are, along with utility units and trailers (already available for that station type). That is just one example, I’m sure many other departments with a marine unit do a similar thing.

      EMS would act as a supervisor, having the ability to treat like a fly car, as ALS, as well as battalion duties.

      Same for PD, where the Battalion would be like the shift supervisor/Sargent.

      I didn’t see a post about this, my apologies if there was one already.

      Thank you for the consideration.

      Crap...probably should have posted in suggestions for improvements
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