Password security - concern

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    • Password security - concern

      Hello all,
      Recently, someone in my alliance has been e-mailing Sebastian re: trying to remember his login. He informed that he got sent this email:

      Source Code

      1. Leitstellenspiel - Support via
      2. Tue, 16 Apr, 10:02 (14 hours ago)
      3. to me
      4. I need the username and the password. Then i can send you the e-mail address.
      5. Beste Grüße,
      6. Sebastian
      7. _
      8. Sebastian Heinisch
      9. SHPlay GmbH
      12. Sennehof 4
      13. 33659 Bielefeld
      14. Deutschland
      15. UStID: DE283086253
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      This concerns me - first of all, why the developer is asking for the password in the first place? Second of all, if the passwords are stored securely and encrypted, how would he know that the password is legitimate?
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