Patrol routes revamp

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    • Patrol routes revamp

      Thought I would suggest a couple new features that could be included in the patrol route section of the menu...

      1 - an option to 'preview' your set route. Pretty much a fast-forwarded version of the actual route (within the menu, not the game) showing the path your vehicles will take, so that you can adjust markers appropriately if necessary. Not sure what sort of coding/scripting would be required here, but I think this would be highly beneficial. The ability to quickly check if your route is what you want, instead of having to watch a vehicle perform the patrol route, and then adjust it accordingly over and over again... :thumbsup:

      Alternatively, you could simply provide a coloured path of your route, as the second feature suggestion talks about below.

      2 - an option to see all your routes at once. A screen that shows all your routes in the form of the drawn path/route. Each patrol route would be shown in a different colour (specified through hex colour coding, colours generated randomly - no routes represented by the same colour). This would be extremely useful in making sure your routes don't unnecessarily overlap, in a quick and timely manner.

      Let me know what you think of the two above ideas - if implemented, would you use them? 8)

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