Rewards for timely management

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    • Rewards for timely management

      The current system is a simple 250 credits for treatment onsite, 500 for treatment and transport, 570 for treatment and transport to appropriate facility and slightly more with a helicopter used.

      What this doesn't appreciate is anything to do with time. So, here is a breakdown of a slightly more complex reward system that would benefit those being a little more prompt and involved with their EMS system.

      Response time: The quicker the response, the more credits earned.
      • Category E patients will give out 250 points from a response within 5 minutes
      • Category D patients will give out 200 points from a response within 5 minutes
      • Category C patients will give out 150 points from a response within 10 minutes
      • Category B patients will give out 100 points from a response within 20 minutes
      • Category A patients will give out 50 points from a response within 30 minutes
      Treatment (On scene) Time:
      • All categories give out 200 from an on scene 'treatment'
      • Transport to relevant hospital department within 20 minutes (from treatment) gives out 200 credits
      • Transport to any treatment facility within 20 minutes (from treatment) gives out 100 credits

      The focus of this suggestion is that it requires some extra involvement and thought when dispatching resources, prioritization has to be done to ensure the best results are obtained. If you blindly dispatch resources, you aren't going to get the best results.

      Let me know your thoughts below, btw the 'there's more important stuff' one has already been noted :D
    • This would actually be a neat feature to see. At the moment we just get an award for answering calls quickly, so having this would be really motivating for people like me who often leave people to die while I answer something with more credits :D
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    • That is the thing. While there is an obvious advantage to answering calls quickly, there isn't actually any reward for good management of said response.
      The whole update would give more purpose to the fly-cars as the quicker response would earn more points.

      I also feel as if it would make the medical calls a lot more exciting as there would be that constant drive to get to calls within the time frame.