co2 tanker truck

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    • co2 tanker truck

      I have an idea for a vehicle type since some fire departments are starting to get them why not have the co2 tanker truck as a unit details here;_ylt=A2KLj.oyrLhY_X4AnkvtFAx.;_ylu=X3oDMTBsZ29xY3ZzBHNlYwNzZWFyY2gEc2xrA2J1dHRvbg--;_ylc=X1MDMjExNDcyMTAwNQRfcgMyBGFjdG4DY2xrBGJjawNiYnUzZjM5Y2JoMWhwJTI2YiUzRDMlMjZzJTNEcXYEY3NyY3B2aWQDUVFMZnVEY3lMak8xLkc4YVdMaUdPUUk1TWpZd053QUFBQURoaFp2QgRmcgNtY2FmZWUEZnIyA3NhLWdwBGdwcmlkA0xrRGttdTRwUjNDY0o1TE1FY2xxTUEEbXRlc3RpZANudWxsBG5fc3VnZwMwBG9yaWdpbgNjYS5pbWFnZXMuc2VhcmNoLnlhaG9vLmNvbQRwb3MDMARwcXN0cgMEcHFzdHJsAwRxc3RybAMyNgRxdWVyeQNjbzIgdGFua2VyIHRydWNrIGZpcmUgZmRueQR0X3N0bXADMTQ4ODQ5Nzc0MgR2dGVzdGlkA251bGw-?gprid=LkDkmu4pR3CcJ5LMEclqMA&pvid=QQLfuDcyLjO1.G8aWLiGOQI5MjYwNwAAAADhhZvB&p=co2+tanker+truck+fire+fdny&fr=mcafee&
    • I think if you wanted this truck you should just rename a Tanker, Also im curious as you said fire departments are starting to get them, is it rural or city departments who are getting them? I know in the UK the Royal Air Force used them in the 40's and 50's and they have actually been phased out over time. The only place i know that still uses Co2 trucks in the UK is the Aldermaston Nuclear Weapons Establishment.

      edit- I have found that there is one at the Lindsey Oil Refinery however it appears that these are only used at high risk areas where water might not be so effective or quick for putting out a fire.
    • I agree, a foam truck would be better since the airport update is coming out, + CAFS seems to be really taking off in terms of Fire fighting, I remember seeing a picture of a thatched roof Fire in my home county and the row of houses, gardens outside, and cars parked next to it were just completely white with foam.
    • My suggestion to this would be to just use Tanker and rename it how you wish. I find most foam trucks look similar to pumpers and tankers. Either tanker or type 2 can be a foam truck.

      I think what is more importantly required is a rescue pumper type vehicle. Make it a special item same as Quint and add it next to it.

      I understand that mini pumpers and brush trucks have been suggested. Might I suggest one truck that resembles both so it can be named as either?

      Alot of these ideas are great, I feel making some of these vehicle ideas similar so they can be named and used in different functions and reduce the amount of vehicles made.

      I have also learned how to make independent graphics for each of my vehicles. Use the allotted names such as type 1 type 2 , ladder, Quint etc and find a picture online of the emergency vehicle you want and change it into a graphic picture using GIMP. Each vehicle I have has a different picture that I have made. Yes it's time consuming but helps to make it more realistic with the limited names already in game. Make sense?