Airport call ideas

    • Airport call ideas

      The following fire calls have happened at airports and should be considered in the next update!

      1. Collapsed landing gear
      2. Turbine / engine fire
      3. Baggage conveyor belt fire
      4. Aircraft collision with tanker
      5. Blown aircraft tire
      6. Failure to deploy landing gear "Dirty landing" AKA a plane landing with no wheels
      7. Emergency landing (upgradeable), if upgraded it can connect to 1,2,5,and 6
      8. Hanger fire
      9. Burning airport bus
      10. Burning jet fuel

      Due to the TSA and CBP be present in most airports, they don't have to call on local police departments unless an actual arrest is made or a huge incident happens at the airport

      1. Smuggler
      2. Trespasser on runway
      3. Disorderly passenger

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    • I know a few of these they have mention before such as; disorderly passenger, commercial plane crash, and prop plane crash. I like some of these ideas, but I think to start off with airport calls they are being more general and possibly getting more specific.
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