Personnel Max

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    • Personnel Max

      Hey all,

      Not sure if this has been brought up or not but I would suggest to increase the personnel max you can set on the Ladders and Heavy Rescues. I am recreating FDNY and feel really weird only having 3 firefighters on the ladders and the rescues. Something small but would definitely help the players who are choosing areas/big cities that have a large amount of manpower.
    • This has been brought up in the past, the changes I think to personnel would be these:

      Platform Truck, 1-6 people
      Heavy Rescue, 1-6 people
      Type 2, 1-4 people
      Swat unit, 2-6 people
      HEMS, 3 people
      Fly car, 1-4 people

      I just feel with personnel levels like this it would give the player more freedom and the ability to portray there local set up more accurately, some departments run the level of personnel that is currently allowed but some do run more, as you said up to six.

      The HEMS is a different story, you would never see a HEMS unit with 1 person, 1 pilot, 1 co pilot/paramedic and 1 Doctor