Alliance Members Inactive

  • What do your think 10

    1. Yes (7) 70%
    2. Maybe (0) 0%
    3. No (3) 30%
    4. I don't Care (0) 0%

    What do your think about Adding Inactive Alliance Members Status Where we Can See how Long they have Not Been online and That the Alliance Admin Only.Can Remove the Inactive Members from the alliance. Something that Come to Mind in the game. This Can Goes for Inactive Co-admin too If you Like too> A Idea For the game....

  • I Think Alliance Admin Only Can See who is Inactive in the Alliance...But its up to the Owner of the Game how they Put its in the Game But my Best thing is Only Have Alliance Admin to See who Inactive in the game. So the Alliance Admin Can Keep update Who be Online the Must and Who help the Alliance Out.... :) :thumbup:

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