Utility, Heavy Rescue, Rescue Engine

  • Utility and Heavy Rescue perform the same role currently.

    Rescue Engine is also identical, but as you said the ability to take up 1x fire engine role at an incident.


    i have noticed that when i sent a Utility and a Heavy Resuce , the mission still asks for a Heavy Rescue, could there be a issue around that, beacuse once i have sent another H/R the mission will clear.

    I couldnt tell you which mission directly but it was vairous h/r required missions.

    (side note i have now since deleted the utility unit so i can no longer test)



  • Odd. When a mission requires 2 Heavy Rescue I often send one of each of a Heavy Rescue Vehicle and Utility Vehicle and never had an issue.

    When I get a single HR requirement I'll try deploying both to see if there is any conflict.

  • You can't use a Utility vehicle for a Heavy Rescue Call, however you can use 2 Heavy Rescues on a call requiring 2 HR's. If you don't see it, refresh your page. I can't test the Rescue Engine yet, I don't have it

  • You can use a utility vehicle to cover a heavy rescue slot on a call. Both vehicles (the other being a heavy rescue) do the exact same thing currently.

    I have about 25 Utility Vehicles and 2 Heavy Rescue (up until the Rescue Engine come out) as 80% of my fleet of pump engines had rescue capability (thus were Rescue Engines). There was only 2 heavy rescue units based at HQ. So I could cover HR requirements I use Utility Vehicles and have done as far back as I can remember. Now it's not too bad with Rescue Engine but I still use Utilities.

    The other vehicle that covers a role you may not realise is the Mobile Command Unit also covers a Battalion Chief role too, so if there is a requirement of one of each on a mission, you don't need to send a Battalion Chief separately.

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