Hospital Patient Times

  • hey.

    any chance of been able to expand my hospital for more than just 30 beds.
    i take well over that each day.. and waiting an hour just for 1 bed to be available isn't useful as sometimes 5 or 6 patients need transporting at the same time.

    thanks for taking the time to read.


  • You should definitely build a second hospital. The way I have always thought is that 6 hospitals with 10 beds each is way better than 2 hospitals, possibly even 3 hospitals with 30 beds each.

    Over a 6 hour gameplay, 6 little hospitals will clear 36 patients.
    The 3 big hospitals will clear 18.

    The larger capacity is a temporary fix for a flaw in an EMS system. More hospitals is how you fix the flaw.

    I operate 8 hospitals, 6 with 10 beds. 2 with 15. the 2 hospitals with 15 are also my specialty hospitals (Trauma centers, cardiac and neuro surgery)

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