Subway POI and Calls

  • Hello,

    What's the possibility of having a subway POI added? Most cities now have underground networks of subway stations, I was hoping we could add this to mission chief, and have calls associated with these POI's.

    Missions could include:

    - Subway alarm activation (onboard train) Medical call most likely or theft
    - Subway Fire Alarm Activation (Subway Fire [Scale can vary] with medical calls for smoke inhalation, Police for traffic control and evac)
    - Subway toll theft

    We could also discuss the idea of large scale events like Underground Subway Trail Derailment or something along those line (eh?), but that's for another time.

  • Possible other missions to add to this idea, which is a great idea in my opinion.

    1. Person fallen, jumped or trespassed at track level

    2. Person(s) contacted/injured by subway train

    3. Station fire

    4. Track/tunnel fire or smoke

    5. Electrical fire

    6. As ChrisC Mentioned above - Medical/Emergency call onboard subway train

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