K-9 as regular police

  • You can make the K-9 a regular cop. Just dispatch them as regular cops. They can patrol as well. All you are doing is creating a new police station for the K-9 so its definitely possible

    no, mate they dont count as patrol cars at missions currently.
    I just sent two k9 units to a ‘Rioter’ mission. It didnt count them as patrol cars, didnt help the mission and it still wanted me to send 2 patrol cars.
    Nickb was talking about having the game register them as patrol cars as well as k9 units so they can respond to jobs as patrol car and k9, like the rescue truck counts as fire truck and a heavy rescue, it would make total sense for the game to do this.

  • I am a Lt in my police cadet post and my father is a police officer... the K-9 officers in our town go on patrol like everyone else and don't only get sent to calls that need a K-9. I believe that the K-9 officers should also be classified as a patrol cars, almost like a...
    Quint = (Half engine / Half ladder)
    K-9 = (Half K-9 / Half patrol)
    Should be like that...

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