New Callouts List

  • If you really want to suggest missions --> quality > quantity

    Here is a template to suggest calls. The very first code block is important - everything else is optional

  • {
    :police_value => 100,
    :credits => 230,
    :patrol_count => 1,
    :poi_type => 0,
    :icon => "car",
    :main_building => Building::BUILDING_TYPE_police,
    :award => 0

    Without the list but yeah. That's how missions can actually get added right away. The only thing that's missing is the mission name to it.
    A sticky thread for mission templates would be nice.

  • I've PM'd you lost, but on previous attempts of using these templates Sebastian has just preferred 'plain text' suggestions. Before anyone starts using the above templates, wait to hear back from us if they're any use to us.

    Additionally, the communities suggestions are placed into a spreadsheet with all the agreed values we've discussed waiting for Sebastian to implement. When he asks for a new mission we pick one that we have noted is popular and forward it on. He then does what he needs to do going forward.

    If I was able to give him templates for him to copy and paste into the missions you'd probably have more missions by now. But it's not as simple as that.

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