• I think we should have a burn center for the hospital
    we should be able to build our own firetruck or other vehicle for the game
    and in dial 911 they have a whole set up for the police station like state patrol highway patrol diving unit we should also be able to create our own missions.
    New Units
    Undercover car for detectives
    Coroner to pickup dead bodies
    Tow truck to tow away cars like the ones involved in accidents and when a officer is down and there's nobody to take it back so we should have tow trucks to take the cars back to a police station
    The tow trucks should be either Wheel and lift, flat bed, boom or repo truck
    Bomb squad vehicles to deal with calls that might have to do with bombs and stuff of that nature
    police command vehicle
    Large Events
    Search And Rescue
    Long term surveillance
    aid with a crime in progress
    hazardous weather situations
    Fire boat
    fighting fires on dock and shore side warehouses
    Fire helicopter
    can hover over the fire and drop water or retardant
    We should have different options when it comes to buying fire trucks like
    TurnTable Ladder
    Tower Ladder
    Hydraulic Platform
    Heavy Rescue
    Medium Rescue
    Light Rescue
    Brush Trucks for wild land and vegetation fires
    We should be able to buy different ems police and fire equipment.
    WE should be able to upgrade our vehicles
    promote our staff
    there should be advantage to using different vehicles
    like type 1 fire engine you can have more firefighters doing the jobs rather than type 2 engines having 3 people doing multiple jobs.
    Possible disturbance
    Petrol/Gas Theft
    Person with a knife
    Person with a firearm
    Murder Investigation
    Livestock on road
    Welfare Check
    do you agree with the stuff i have on here why or why not .

  • Some of these are already in game, such as hazardous weather event, gas theft, etc. With regards to having options to purchase different kinds of ladders and rescues, I think you should just stick to buying a ladder/Rescue and naming it whatever you like as well as putting a picture of the kind of ladder/Rescue you want. However, I WOULD like to see a combination Rescue/fly car that treats up to 90% of a patient as well as completing the job of a Rescue. Like a Rescue Squad. Most of your other ideas are good.

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