• Welcome to Code 4, Where everything is ok!

    We are a good group of folks from across the US (but heavily located in the New York City Area). We are looking from some like-minded people to join our ranks and help everyone in the group out.

    Some of our benefits:

    No restriction to build area or naming- Feel free to have fictional stations or apparatus (Just make it semi appropriate)
    Frequent alliance missions and events.
    Large player base in NYC but we are growing nationwide
    Hospitals and prisons available and can be built where needed
    Free training classes for the group
    Heavy support for new players and getting you set up and going.
    A discord server where we can hangout or do some dispatching if you are up for it
    A pretty awesome admin team (a couple of them are sketchy so watch your wallet around them)
    While on the topic of admins, our entire admin team is currently involved with emergency services in some way, shape, or form. So if you want to get into the field, we are a wealth of knowledge on things other than the game.

    I know there are a million different groups out there. We are not going to be the best fit for everyone due to the fact that we are still growing and not set up in every place. But if you believe in crude humor, actual personal connections (i''ve made good friends with people that have joined), and a "circle of goodness" that comes with helping others then please join us. I can be reached if you have any questions.



  • Good evening folks,

    I'm "bumping" our thread again, and sharing some of our current stats.

    Our current Alliance Funds sum up to around 58,5 Million Credits,

    Total earned Credits of our Alliance are at about 3 Billion Credits,

    We are still on Rank 6 in the Alliance Top Page with 303 Members!

    We currently have about 135 Alliance-owned Hospitals, around 55 Detention centers, 2 Fire and Police Academies each, and 1 EMS Academy.

    To those, we have tons of User owned Hospitals, Jail cells, and Academies which they happily share!

    New Members are always welcomed,

    we also offer a Discord for our Alliance members, where you can chat about just everything!

    Stay happy and healthy!

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