The A Team alliance

  • I’m just getting started with a brand new alliance! If you want in on the ground floor and help me build an alliance that is respectable and fun then this the alliance for you!

    The alliance motto: “I’m here to help!”

    My main thing is to play this game with like minded individuals and mainly just have fun and enjoy yourself! Help each other out and build something that is fun and the envy of all the alliances.

    This is a small alliance for now, but that’s ok Rome wasn’t built in a day!

    Join now - The A Team

    Thanks! Chief Bill
    The official alliance link!

  • Brand new alliance looking for new members! If you are looking for an alliance I would like to invite you join The A-team...

    Play the way you want to play! Build what you want build!

    Become an active member of the alliance and help others in the alliance!

    Most importantly we want to have fun and we want you to have fun!

    It has also come to my attention that there is some interest from international players in the American style of game play....I want to extend an invitation to all players from around the world come join "The A Team" we will guide you in the "American" version of this game and by happy to answer any questions you may have!

    Thanks! Chief Bill
    The official alliance link!

  • Chief bill... Be careful with double posting. I ain’t a moderator but they do act upon double posting. Good luck with your alliance.

    Edit: Sorry if I sound like I’m preaching at something :) Just in the past I’ve done it and it got commented on :)

    (Alliance - 999 First Responders / Alliance link here: CLICK HERE )

    Edited once, last by Smudgy58: Just made small adjustment for my reasoning of the comment ().

  • We generally let the forums self-moderate when it comes to double posting specifically in the Alliance Recruitment board. When users think somebody has been advertising their alliance too frequently, the posts tend to be fairly heavily downvoted.

    The moderation team generally doesn't act on double posting for Alliance Recruitment unless we feel that it has become excessive.

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