Multiple ambulances to one patient.

  • Hi all,

    I know it's been brought up before, but starting to get a bit silly now.
    Fly cars are near on useless at the moment, they do not act as another pair of hands and they just sit idle underneath the priority of fire trucks.

    In real life, sometimes multiple units are assigned to one patient. As it is, MC will give one ambulance per patient and either transport or not. There is never a point where for example, at a cardiac arrest, an ambulance on scene requests another ambulance or a fly car to attend as a second pair of hands. Why is this not something in game?

    It is not uncommon to see upto 3 or 4 medical vehicles assigned to a cardiac arrest call - in some cases they are stood down, in other cases they are not. It is getting a bit boring just sending one ambulance per patient and not some patients needing more vehicles to make sure they're okay. This can't be a massive change, surely?

    My idea would be that some patients require multiple units. HEMS might be a necessity for some RTCs (if you have HEMS in game), or for some Cardiac Arrests. It would be good if calls were more dynamic and took a more
    realistic approach to medical requirements, such as a stabbing requiring a fly car (could be an officer, or a critical care paramedic) etc etc.

    Some feedback on my idea would be greatly appreciated. :)

    NF14 - Content Adviser Team (UK)
    Ex Emergency Operations Centre Staff
    Current Operational Ambulance Staff

  • I completely understand what you are saying. Unfortunately at this time the medical system in the game is not able to do this, this is the reason flycars can’t treat patients. To clear a patient an ambulance has to be present. Unfortunately there is no way of the game deciding if they can be discharged or not it’s just the call requires and ambulance to decide whether to transport or not. Currently if it was made that flycars can clear calls they would also have to be able to transport patients.

    I will be seeing if the medical system can be changed in the future though.

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