• I know that this may not involve 911 but I personally think we should be able to customize the vehicle beyond.
    Max Personnel Assigned,
    Call Sign
    Now I'm not saying you have to make a Heavy Rescue, Ambulance, and engine in one.
    For example equipment
    Say for example we had more equipment than needed to complete the call It should go faster.

  • So to me, this reminds me of the game 911 Operator, where you can equip personnel with two items each that will help them in some way shape or form when it comes to calls. I think it was instituted in that game because they wanted to make it a leveled game, so you have to do something than just answer calls. I never really liked that for a simulation type game. Let's be honest, a cop going to a riot isn't going to have to choose between pepper spray, a vest and a gun, they're gonna take that and more.

    I could see a useful (and costly) update being brought into this setting though that wouldn't change the game too much, but could make it a slightly more leveled experience, which is allowing vehicles to be upgraded. Say Type 1 Engine has all the regular equipment, upgrade 1 would give it slightly better, and upgrade 2 better again. That's more realistic in my opinion, and it allows departments to level up over time, similar to how they would in the real world with not new equipment perse, but better equipment.

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  • Your right too NewFoundking what i was trying to say is that.
    Lets say the truck has a 500 gpm but the call requires 250 gpm.
    Or say its a high rise that needs a 50 foot ladder but you have a 75 foot ladder the call should clear faster.
    All I'm saying is that we should be able to customize the vehicle.

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