New Calls

  • Police
    Reckless Driver
    Domestic Violence
    Business Burglary can happen anywhere that a business is at
    Residential Burglary
    Multiple Brawls at once
    Traffic Light Failure
    Stolen Vehicle
    Disturbing The Peace
    Stolen Vehicle
    Hit and Run
    Registered Demonstration
    Bank Silent Alarm
    Tree on Roof
    Tree on Car
    Several Vehicles on Fire Can Happen Anywhere
    Bus in Water
    Overturned Truck
    Pile Up
    Workshop Fire
    Smoke In Museum
    Small forest fire needs forest poi
    Aircraft Fire
    Injured Person On Scaffolding
    Head Laceration
    Spinal Injury
    Electric Shock

  • when i say brawl I'm not talking about a single brawl I'm talking about multiple brawls at once and im talking about have a pileup as a mission that not a alliance one b/c not many people would want to pay for a alliance mission with their hard earned coins

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