Make Life Flight/Med-Flight Great Again!

  • So me and a friend were talking.... And we were talking about how sadly the Medical Helicopter station was used in game. The only function of the helicopter is essentially another Treat and Transport resource. So here are a few ideas to just throwout there:
    - With the new MPDS coding, maybe the Helicopter can be implemented into the more severe codes? Not sure how this would work exactly but maybe severe medical calls would require a Helicopter on scene (ie, Serious Accident with a Bus, Building Collapse, etc)
    - Have the Helicopter function as a rescue helicopter or SAR (Search and Rescue) Helicopter. Would be great for calls like Missing person (Yes, the police helis already function that way but this is much nicer), Floodings, etc.

  • The few times that I have seen the county department's Air Rescue used in conjunction with my department is either severe trauma alerts or a dive call involving dysbarism that they have to go to a Hyperbaric chamber. As you said, I would involve it in serious calls but keep it to very few.

  • The issue is by requiring it it may limit players who don’t have access to a helicopter. Those areas will still get the severe medical calls though.

    There are some plans to add training for it which when used will speed up the treatment of patients and possibly a new unit which may actually sole the above problem that I mentioned.

    As for the SAR Helicopter. This is definitely an interesting idea and should be looked into further in the future, whether it be HEMS or a dedicated SAR heli.

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