No missions

  • So, I've been playing this game for more then two years now. I did not encounter this problem before but now I somehow did... and I go tno idea why.
    I recently built 4 new small fire stations, an ambulance station and a police station. Not one of these stations is now generating missions.
    I did try to deselect the dispatch center I use for them, I tried to even change dispatch centers and switched it back again. But nothing changes. These new stations are not renerating calls for up to 7 days now with the police station. and 4 days with all the other new stations.
    Can anyone help?

    A description of the issue - See above
    When the issue started. - about 7 days ago
    What operating system your computer uses - Win10
    What web browser you're using. - Google Chrome
    Did you clear your cache? (Ctrl + F5) - Yes
    Any other applicable information. - See above

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