United nation Responders

  • UNR is Recruiting!

    Please join the best and most accepting alliance on Mission Chief.

    We are on all versions of the game so where ever you are we cater for you.


  • Come and Join our Alliance

    • This is just a group for people who want to help others out.
    • We are a very active alliance.
    • Unlike all other Alliances. You do NOT need to send a admin or co-admin a message before joining. Just click APPLY NOW!!!
    • When you join you will receive our complimentary badge,
    • You do NOT need to have stations placed in their real life positions. You can have them anywhere.
    • Just play and if you need help then ask and i'm sure other members will be happy to help.
    • Here everyone is friends and no one is left out.
    • To join you just need respect, common sense and the urge help some one out when they need it.

    Space for every type of player. We Accept Everyone.

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