Alliance hospital with specialty or mine without?

  • Trying to figure out if it is best to send my patients to an alliance hospital (10% tax, so 518 base income) with the required specialty or my own without. Do I get the extra income for the right specialty even if it is an alliance's hospital?

    Is there a list of the different income amounts and types tied to ambulances? e.g. treatment on scene, transport to hospital, bonus for specialty, etc...

  • My personal advice is if you can sent then to a specialist in your alliance do that, but to be honest the hospital expansions only gives you an extra 75 credits per patient meaning you need over 334 patients that require that specialist care just to pay for the expansion itself, but with out a specialisation you get 500 credits (you get a bit more with the air ambulance and mass casualty unit)

    Hope this helps,


  • So I guess I am confused about the income you receive for ambulance work:

    Here are the amounts I see in my credit history, their label, and what I think they are for
    250 - Patient Treatment - On scene only when no transport?
    400 - Patient Transport - ?? Is this for a transfer?
    518 - Hospital (Alliance) - 575 - 10% tax. Is 575 for a specialization or just regular, how much do you get for the other one?
    575 - Patient Treatment and Transport - My own hospital, but is that specialization or not?

    Or am I getting this wrong and 400 is transport to a non-specialized hospital?

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