Fever and nosebleed missions

  • As recent discussion has been focusing on medical missions a fair bit, I thought I would bring this up...

    The fever mission currently has a 90% chance of requiring transport - from my knowledge, this is far too high :huh: Locally... Unless it is a very severe case, they are not classified as 'emergencies'. To better represent what actually happens, the chance of transport should be around 20%.

    The same could be said for the nosebleed mission. I'm not sure what the chance is, but it seems too high. It should also be around 20%.

    Hopefully these two missions can be adjusted as per suggested above. Feel free to discuss below... :thumbup:

  • Nosebleed could perhaps have a lower transport rate, however, a fever can be indicative of numerous other issues beyond just a high temperature, such as appendicitis, infection, UTI, sepsis and much more. In a young child, it can even lead to a febrile seizure (possible mission upgrade?). So while the complaint of the patient may just be a fever, it could be a way bigger issue than that, therefore requiring transport for further care.

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  • Yes, that is very true. But as I said, the chance of it actually being such a severe case is quite uncommon!

    I can understand the precaution with some people, particularly children - however, the vast majority of cases would not require an ambulance to a hospital. The typical person would first visit their local clinic or GP for advice/referral if needed, ultimately determining if they drive themselves to a nearby hospital or simply return home.

    A nosebleed would only require transport if there is excessive non-stop bleeding, which again isn't exactly an everyday thing as such :D

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