New Vehicle Suggestions

  • New vehicle ideas:

    Pumper/tanker: both a pumper and tanker, like quint or rescue engine

    Brush truck: I think that's what type 2 engine is supposed to be, not sure, but have a brush truck go to field fires or wildland fires.

    Flycar: I know this exist, just want to change it to 2 people instead of 1

    Make flycars add to fire station without ambulance extension so it dosent count as ems station, some departments around here use tahoes for medicals instead of engines.

  • Brush Trucks and Pumper Tankers has a been long discussion. A Wildland Update is due but that could be anywhere from now to later down the line. I like all these ideas and definitely agree with the Fly-car.

    Not sure though if the Fly-car can be added without an EMS extension however.

    But I am all for Pumper Tankers and Brush Trucks!

  • I'd agree with most, but there are issues you need to be aware of.

    Pumper/Tanker - It's a combination unit, so some serious justification to Sebastian has to be given, although I think it's time we were due anew one.

    Brush Truck - I'd rather see the whole Rural firefighting/Wildfire thing brought in with this appropriately alongside this when it happens.

    Fly cars - I don't actually agree here. While 2 spaces is ok, not having the extension is really inappropriate, there has to be some support at a fire station for the separate equipment any EMS vehicle carries.

    Hope this helps

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