Organisation & Extras Within Vehicle Skins

  • Heyo, I'm Pommy Granate and I have a new proposition to make.
    I believe it would be a nice feature, for organisation and spam prevention (if you could call it that) to allow a skin pack to either be manually made via game users, or the developer creates an extra 8-16 perhaps new slots.

    Within these slots, you can put a vehicle skin in as normal, such as the PNG, APNG options, etc. However, an additional option would be to name the skin to an appropriate vehicle name for what the chosen added skin is intended for.

    If given the opportunity to manually add as many, or a limit to how many extra vehicle skins we want, I guess this would just use the green button system to add a new skin, then like the other skins you would click on it to get into the options.

    This system could also possibly match the skin name to the "own vehicle category" option or become similar to that, in which it would allow manual skinning across the assigned named vehicles, or automatic with this feature.

    I thought this might be a nifty idea, as many, including myself am making 3 skin packs, considering the other 2 "extras". This is just to fit in some extra skins for certain vehicles. I think this would be able to condense the number of skin packs out there and possibly make it easier for organisation. Probably not a priority in terms of development though, which I understand.

    Thanks & good day. C:

  • Cheers mate and I'd agree with you on both statements. I too, more so for my fire appliances individually assign a skin to each vehicle which is nifty, however was time consuming doing it all at once with 100+ units I believe. However, it's not so bad to do as you expand. As you said, it can be tedious..

    Thanks for the support. C:

  • Hi, I’ve discovered that an user is playing using custom skins that I’ve created and doesn’t want to delete them. I don’t remember, is this against some rules of the game? Or better, do MissionChief’s rules talk about custom vehicles skins property? What do they say about?


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