Mobile command for police

  • I get what you're getting at here, but in my experience, many departments store their Mobile Command Posts at a fire hall or some similar building. For example, I could only find one of my California police departments (there's 7 right now) that don't store their Police Command Post at a Fire station.

    Additionally, with the Missing Person's case, with the requirement of fire trucks as well as MCV, I built a SAR station, based off of the area's GSAR resources, making rescue engines for the crew rescue trucks and then MCV for their command post. I can't speak to America really well, but I know every Canadian jurisdiction has a GSAR team with at the very least, a command post of sorts, most also having a rescue or two. With the newest update to give units their own types, I've named these rigs as SAR Rescues too, instead of Rescue Engines, so they don't get called out to fires and stuff anymore.

    I think police command posts could be a REALLY big thing if there were a police update, similar to what EMS got this year, like with a SWAT focused update or something.

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