Large Fire, Police and Ambulance Station

  • I came up with the idea of making a large station, fire station, police and ambulance, we already have a small one, and the one that is currently large could be a medium station, I think we could confidently expand the medium station, to a large station, as we now have a large station it could hold up to 99 vehicles and cost 200k, of course the cost would increase as it progressed

    Greetings, Patrick!

  • My question is is this necessary? I have very few buildings that contain over the 40 vehicles that is currently allowed and they are only in the 60’s. I also don’t know whether there is the demand amongst other players for a fire station that doubles the price of a regular station (could cost 4 million per building for some players) and then having to build 99 expansions as it already costs about 3.5 million to upgrade a station to full.

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