Easier Jurisdiction

  • I have been playing this game forever and now have expanded out of the city I first started in. I think it would be cool if there was a way that you can draw or pick the town/city that each station has jurisdiction in because I feel it is too time consuming and ineffective with the way to do it with the AAR and I also want the realism of when an emergency may be by a town line, I don't want the closest vehicle to respond, I want the city that the fire is in to respond.

  • While it is true that they will send the services from that specific area to a call right at a boundary line, there could be a need for mutual aid to respond first to a call for example if majority of the units that are stationed in that part of a jurisdiction are on a call already mutual aid would be sent as first due and other units from that jurisdiction would still respond but because they are further they are mainly sent for jurisdiction purposes while those mutual aid units begin working the scene.

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