Pump Panel location on Engines

  • On an engine where do you prefer the pump panel to be located?

    Personally I like them on the side. One company I ran with has theirs in the center where you have to stand behind the cab and another with roll-up doors hiding them. Personally I prefer the old fashioned way. Much easier to me.

  • Personally, I like a top-mount pump. Biggest advantage of the top mount is you're out of the road and have 360 degree view of what's happening. You're also out of the way of all the hoses should anything happen.

    The biggest disadvantage is the increased potential for injury due to the up & down. Wheelbase and a tight turning radius are important factors. Not only that, it adds a bit of $$$$ to the cost of the vehicle.

    All in all, it comes down to personal preference. They all pump water, and have levers and buttons and lights. just depends on what you want.

  • My department in real life has 4 engines and two tankers. On each of the tankers the panel is on the side, but on all four pumpers the panel is a series of levers located on top of the truck behind the cab. The reasoning for this is that it allows the operator an elevated view of the scene and his homeliness, as well as ease of use for the deck gun when necessary. As a result the operator can also access spare foam cells or additional equipment located up top.

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