Create our own mission packs.

  • Most of us want more content. Particularly more missions. Sometimes we get one mission a week. Sometimes. I say, similar to the way you can create a large scale alliance mission, allow us to add our own missions to our mission pool.

    The same algorithm that the alliance mission system uses could be utilized to maintain balance. Make it so we can set what POIs they need, how many units, if it can scale into other missions, ect.

    The devs could effectively let us do the work for them in terms of making missions. Maybe add mission packs, similar to graphic packs. This way we can share different missions we've created with the community.

    There has been a lot of talk of making the game work better for people playing in rural areas. The ability to make our own missions could improve on this a lot. If you're playing in a rural area, you can make missions reasonable for a rural area. If you're in a cold, snowy area, you can make your missions to play out in that climate.

    The devs could take a workload off their hands simply by giving us, the players, the tools to add content for them. It works out; the devs do less work and the players get more content.

    This way, the devs could spent time giving us larger updates like new units, services, and other functions.

    This idea will probably get shot out of the sky but I figured I'd pitch it anyway. ;)

  • I STRONGLY Agree With this!
    Even if it was a Limited number of calls at once. If Cheating was an issue they could Predetermine the frequency and Pay fo ''X'' amount of calls, Then The required trucks and title could be decided by the player if custom missions were enabled.
    As Far as cheating goes i dont really see the issue to begin with, its not like theres a score to be kept or rewards for being high on a leaderboard

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