Public Order courses for riot vans & Driver Training for traffic police cars.

  • hey developers! just some of my ideas for new features after a week of playing. You've got a great game here fellas.

    Public order / riot police

    new units - PSU/Riot van. 8 seats for 8 public order trained officers. if possible also have space for two prisoners for transport.

    New missions - demonstrations, football matches, riots, public events that require police security, MP speaches, etc

    New courses - public order training

    Traffic Police cars / traffic cops

    new units - RPU/traffic police cars. Can chase cars, respond faster to calls than irvs. cars are more expensive than ARV's as they are IRL.

    new missions - police chase/ fail to stop. (mission moves around map as car drives around being chased. options during mission to use TPAC after vehicle rams police, similar to the way it asks for transportation.)

    new courses - special pursuit training and TPAC training. Fire arms officers must do this course as well as fire arms to chase cars.

    hit and run and similar missions would need to be changed so only traffic cars can respond. in case they found the vehicle and needed to chase. IRV could not chase.

    Taser training for IRV's

    new courses - taser course. Missions such as rioter and brawl require less police cars if a taser unit is sent. mission also over faster.

  • Hey there.

    Firstly, some great ideas for units but the suggested implementation wouldn't work.

    PSU and Riot Vans are a good addition and could be utilised for timed missions once they get implemented into MCUK. Whether the public order training would be a bit throttling... Thats a tough one.

    Traffic cars, in my opinion, wouldn't work. For starters I believe the architecture behind the game wouldn't be able to support moving missions. The TPAC may require a whole new mechanic (unless it just uses the transport style but I don't believe that would function well). I recall that the speeds are set by the map Devs rather than game Devs.

    Taser training for IRVs is also a bit sticky. It sort of crosses the boundaries that require ARVs. As it stands, ARV missions rely more on the personnel than the vehicle but the vehicle allows the use of a specific AAR for the ARV. A fair idea but possibly too diluting for regular ARVs.

    Personally I would love to see the utilisation of the Public Service units. Riot Vans could also be a seperate entity with a call set.

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