POI Rennovation

  • POIs are, in my opinion, massively underused and under-appreciated. I would imagine the majority of MC players, whichever version you are on, play because of the realistic nature of the game. Perhaps one of the most crucial features which allows this realism is the real-world map. However, a regular critisism of the game is that calls spawn in unrealistic locations on the map - for example a small field fire in a city centre. Now I know there have been suggestions for ways to fix this in the past, but none of those have really been successful. Some missions have fixed this by reaquiring certain types of POIs to spawn - such as forest fires or lakes/rivers etc. This is time consuming and boring to set up. And alternatively there are players in rural areas who are having high-rise fires in farms and villages. Currently, there is no real way to prevent this without making all calls require POIs.

    I am proposing three features to rennovate POI placement and use to make the calls better reflect the map area each player covers. Firstly, the map must transmit certain data to the game to show the addresses of calls. Therefore it should also be able to transmit the icons seen on the app version of the map - the knife and fork for restaurant, the education hat for schools, colleges and universities, the shopping basket for shops and other icons which show almost every commertial and infrastructure building out there. So what I would love to see is a POI feature which identifies those on the map (only within the catchment area that spawns the player's calls) and allows you to run through them and say yes/no to placing a relevent POI there. I have no doubt that there would be inaccuracies but surely it would improve the current system. This would be similar to the way you could "POI Check" other players' POIs in the past.

    Secondly, I propose an "Area" system for POIs. Theaddition of an ability to define an area (using a similar tool to the patrol route tool) would allow calls requiring certain POIs to spawn anywhere within the POI area. An ideal use for this would be for lakes, rivers, forests or farmland. However a further use I would love to see would be the ability to set certain areas within your call-spawn radius as certain types of land - for example, setting an area as a "village" would only spawn certain relavent calls, and the same would apply to town (small) / (Large) and cities etc... as well as industrial areas. This could be exploited of course, unless calls of all sizes were implemented for each "zone" so that it would only change the type of call, rather than the money made.

    Finally, the ability to see the call spawn radius of each station you own on the map would be great, to allow you to see where it is worth placing POIs and where there is no point as calls wouldn't spawn outside the radius.

  • Realistically this wont happen in the near future as it will take time. I dont see why these features cant be looked into in the future though as i do think they would be good

  • I feel this is quite important tbh. From personal experience, the only time I have ever used POI's was back on the old version year's ago when the "check POI" was a thing. Apart from that, I have never used POI's really apart from airport's etc. They are simply too time consuming.

    Granted it will take time to re-design or implement things surrounding POI placements. However, I feel quite a lot of people will benefit from this. But considering I don't use POI's, I don't really get calls spawning randomly IE High rise in middle of a housing estate etc. But not saying it can't happen ofc since i don't use POI's.

    But oh well, Just something to add to a wish-list.

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