Custom Mission Zones

  • I think that having the option to set a mission generation zone for individual stations would be a cool feature and would add realism. For example - with departments that are dispatched based on what township the call is located in (such as mine), it would be cool to be able to have calls generated for that station in its respective township/zone. Just an idea

  • It would be a really nice feature but you would need lots of dispatch centers and currently the game limits you to 1 per 25 buildings. It also raises a point about the anti cheat mechanism which prevents you having a small area for calls with a lot of stations covering it.

    TARCfan qutoe- So this is a good idea. I have actually pitched this idea to Sebastian a while ago. The response however was because the anti cheat has an unlimited range it would end up interfering with that.

    This quote was about a similar systems to this and it got rejected due to this anti cheat mechanism that is ingame.

    Hope this helps.

    Any questions message me :)

  • So the anti-cheat is designed in a way to stop people from putting all of their stations in one place. In theory, putting them in the same position would spawn all calls let's say within a 3 mile radius. The anti-cheat recognises this so starts to spawn the calls a lot further away so you have a challenge with travel times. All of this is done to prevent you from trying to cheat how the system spawns calls. If you'd like further explanation, give me or TACR a shout!

  • I also agree with this, I know you can kinda do this already... but it would be MUCH more realistic and functional to be able to draw out on the map the actual coverage area you want to be designated to each dispatch center.

    Something like our would do on a screenshot with an edit tool to write or draw on a photo you have taken. Or even a circle that you can change the size of like the function that chooses the area of the alliance events.

  • I think this would be beneficial for people who only cover departments in certain cities/counties. It would prevent the calls from generating outside of your response areas, which creates an unrealistic dispatch. If you have the ability to set a boundary, so to speak, more than a specific area it may work with the anti-cheat

  • I think the ideas everyone has would all be remedied by simply making the custom dispatch area actually custom and not just selective..... big difference.

    Choosing which circles of an area to cover = selective
    Using a function already present in the game as a patrol route creation engine and the inside area being the coverage area, THAT would be custom = Everyone happy

  • I Honestly feel like the anti-cheat is a excuse to not do the work.

    I Mean it REALLY wouldn't take much to use the same coding behind the patrol route creator (with a minimum area requirement to defeat the anti cheat bs) and just make it the inside perimeter instead of a checkpoint flow path.

    this would allow to use the roads on the map to make exact and specific coverage areas...... I just really don't see how this can't be done.

    between all the suggestions being ignored for improvements, the missions staying as out of place and random as they always have been (Tractor fire in the middle of Manhattan, Substation in the middle of Rural Tennessee), and no New apparatus or funtions for the almost purposeless units available now........ this game NEEDS SOME NEW EYES BEHIND IT!

  • Making area types is something we have looked at in the past as it would be nice to see urban calls in urban areas etc. The Substation mission you reference is actually an electrical substation which could be found in most places not just the urban environment just FYI.

    Making a bordered district would affect the way the anti cheat works because the anti heat controls the spawn radius of calls. For example if you have a station by its self, it may generate calls up to 5 miles in radius. If you place lots of stations in close proximity, that radius expands. I have seen it where someone has put 20 stations in a town that has at best 2 and then their call radius extended to over 200 miles. That’s the anti cheat kicking in.

    A suggestion that I had was to have call booster buildings. These would be buildings that would generate missions of all services but wouldn’t have vehicles based at them. They would be free and would still be affected by the anti cheat so that you couldn’t put them all around 1 or 2 stations. They also would not increase the maximum amount of calls you get. However they would be useful it placing in areas that you still want to get calls but maybe are just outside of the radius of the station that would attend them.

  • I Understand the anti cheat, i get the reason, the operation, all of that.... but you could still defeat it with the custom district method if the area within the box had a minimum requirement. Stations generating calls in a circle around a station is highly unrealistic. its not really a matter of size that makes it undesireable, its the shape. for instance the county my alliance is based out of (Union County, Tennessee) is VERY rural and our roads and districts are so jacked up because of the absurdly high number of natural barriers (mountains, Lakes, State Parks, ETC.) So a station that generates calls in a circle will generate calls that may be 2 miles away but in reality takes a 20min response due to the routes.

    this could be remedied by making the districts realistic and having custom perimeters like everyone is suggesting. i mean the same ones that change the coding could alter the anti cheat or set a minimum size for the districts.

    idk, i mean its not a deal breaker as its a relitively small problem but its the strong unwavering opposition to trying to remedy it that makes the issue so off putting.

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