• USES (United States Emergency Services) is literally THE WORST alliance on Missonchief ever. The only reason they are number 1 is because their stupid Chief runs the facebook page and does false advertising and is a game dev so he can delete and regulate other alliances. He's a power hungry maniac. Their Asst Chief Preacher banned me from the alliance because of MY NAME, that's literally the most discriminating thing ever. I think USES should be removed from the alliance section, all their members literally violate every TOS it's so pathetic. #screwuses

  • impersonation of someone along with slander is not acceptable in any case.

    We have tried to end things respectfully yet you continue to break TOS.

    You're desire for attention is the only thing your 16 year old mind can comprehend. So while we are at it, this will be the final communication from U.S. Emergency Services.

    My one and only account is Preacher #315.

    Asst. Chief Preacher
    Alliance Admin
    U.S. Emergency Services
    Member Since: July 20th, 2015 (#315)

    Edited once, last by Preacher ().

  • I'm not a moderator here but slander and arguing in Forums is not valued in the Community. Please keep this matter private and if there are any issues take it to an Admin/Moderator. No one wants to see anymore friction in here than there already has. We like to keep things peaceful.

    Thank You

    Can an Admin or Mod please close this topic before things get out of hand?


    (On a personal note, Y'all need to stop making these things public for everyone to see it gets very annoying! That's why there's Admins and Moderators to go to!)

  • you think we enjoy dealing with this? Its relentless and I'm not going to have our alliance talked about like that when its circumstantial and a bold faced lie? @rescuenut93

    I've already contacted the mods to shut this down

    My reply was not directly at you. Talking in general. I understand why you responded but my point is these things can be handled privately.

    However the topic made was not necessary to begin with.

    And no I don't expect you to enjoy dealing with this. We don't need these type of players flooding the forums up with slander.

  • This topic will be locked.

    Alliance issues are to be handled internally. This is the way it has always been and this is the way it will stay as per the devs request. If a player has broken the games TOS you can report them to myself or any other members of the moderation team but we will not be getting involved in petty disagreements and must have proof that a rule was broken via a screenshot. Alternatively you can report them via support but again they will look down upon time wasting and if it’s petty may not choose to help as they are also very busy.

    Slander is not helpful, wanted or necessary and will only cause problems. Keep it civil.

    To the OP. You state that every member of that alliance is breaking the rules. I am not in the alliance but at the time of checking the alliance list. The alliance has (at the time of writing this) 1,216 members. I find it very hard to believe that they are all breaking the rules. My advice is if you don’t like the way an alliance is being run, leave and then find a new one or create your own, there is no need to create arguments and issues over it. It is a game at the end of the day and is it really worth your time getting yourself so worked up over it.

    A general note to all members of the forums. I have been around here for over 3 years now, lately I have noticed things have been starting to turn quite hostile. This is the second post in a short amount of time slagging off another alliance. I have never seen anything like this on the forums before.

    In my opinion is moderators have been pretty fair to members in terms of handing out punishments and I know myself and the rest of the team would rather try to get a topic back on track rather than handing out warnings and bans etc. However. If these arguments, fighting, and slander continue, it will start to push our tolerance levels and that will only result in warnings and bans.

    This behaviour is not tolerated here. If it’s a petty squabble, sort it out between yourselves and if you can’t do so in a professional and respectful manner. Go your separate ways and you never have to hear from each other again, and then if it does get to a level that is breaking TOS of the game (or forum if it happens on here) report it rather than slag each other off in the public forums.

    Thread closed.

  • I know this thread is closed, but I do want to address one of the comments made by OP. We moderators have no power to regulate or "delete" alliances. Everything is in the hands of the developers. We are only able to control things on the forum and provide input to the development team.

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