Overhaul the Utility

  • Overall it seems that the Utility does not serve much purposes besides towing water based units or transporting extra crew members. , yet is required to be purchased upon your fourth fire station. Neither can it respond to a call that only needs it due to a fire engine being required on all fire and rescue calls. I think it could be used to perform as something such as a light rescue and to allow for some missions to only require at most a utility or a Utility and Engine in order to give it more of a purpose rather then filling garage space. Some calls require a Heavy Rescue when maybe a Light Rescue could be an alternative to having to use a heavy rescue on most rescue call outs.

  • I Definitely Agree! They Could Serve The Purpose Of Actual "Utility" trucks in most departments.
    *Tree on a bikeway
    *tree on the roadway
    *secondary requirement for Road Accident
    *person under tree
    Maybe even additional new calls like
    *Accidental Sprinkler activation
    *Open Fire Hydrant
    *Forcible Entry Complications for Medical Calls

    The Utility Is supposed to be a relief for larger apparatus and here it seems like its basically a chiefs vehicle without a chief in it.

    Also Other Units That Need Revamping.
    *EMS Supervisor (More Purpose)
    *Water Tanker (More Purpose, Substitute for Engine on some calls)
    New Unit *Police Supervisor (Larger Police calls, Could serve as a patrol car)

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