Station options

  • Would it be feasible to create custom settings within a station, three basic functions to start.

    First is selecting what type of area that station is in, rural, urban, suburban and give you an option to select more then one if it’s in a very diverse coverage area. In coordination with that is to sort the missions by type to filter what calls will spawn at that station. Middle of the Bronx you aren’t getting tractor and harvester fires.

    Second is probability that the station will get a call compared to others. Urban stations will see a higher volume then a rural one. That could be factored into the previous part. It would be like a weighted average.

    Lastly, an ability to adjust the distance the spawn radius is set to. If you have rural stations that are more spread out, under the default spawn distance, you could have holes in your area that would never see a call outside of a POI set.

    Let’s increase the experience with the ability to customize based on the diversity of players and areas they cover.

  • Firstly it would be nice but currently I don't think it is possible due to 2 main reasons.

    1 Calls are randomly placed within the radius x of a station and this cant be changed to my knowledge which leads into my 2nd point having a custom radius will not work wit the anti cheat system as people could exploit it to have calls spawn in a small area rather than the radius x of a station.

    Hope this helps

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