• Hey guys.

    I wasn't here a long time.

    So I saw that much happened. Director Hayes isn't here any longer ?

    It would be very nice and polite if you could tell me what happened here.

    I don't mean things like new innovations or cars. I mean things like new administration/leading. Informations about the game future. '

    I have to excuse my bad english. I'm german, my computer is underlining my full text in red (Language is german so if I write english it says everything is wrong :/ ). And as told I am german :D

    Best wishes


  • Director Hayes is pursing his community relation skills with another games community.

    There's a few members of staff, some old some new (like me). Development is continued by Sebastian.

    There's no forecasted development plan, each stage is taken step by step. When one update is finished Sebastian will look at the next. We have a list of suggestions compiled which is what the community have requested and we will feed these through to Sebastian when he is able to look at an update for the English game.

  • Thank you very much.
    In the past I wanted to help Director Hayes with the advertisement team.
    There was only one big problem
    The time zones...
    He did conversations . At 3 am in Germany :/
    So I wasn't there most time.

    Sounds like the leave of Director Hayes wasn't the thought of Sebastian and other admins.

    I know that Sebastian has a lot to do in the german version. This man has to get a medal :D

  • I'm UK based which helps as sometimes Sebastian will request some information or translations and previously wouldnt get them until the afternoon due to time zones like you said. It works out quite well at the moment.

  • Alright.

    Thank you for the informations.

    Ah that's good. The last administration was mostly american. As they got 20 o'clock I was sleeping since many hours.

    I don't know you well but I have to tell that you made a very good first impression to me.

    I'm happy that there is an hopefully active and very important that you're near to the german time zone.

    You're in the Greenwich time zone (GMT), aren't you ?

    Got a question for you to improve my english skills. So how do you find my english ?



  • The majority of the team are American, which is good because the game is designed for America primarily. Their knowledge is useful to assist Sebastian.

    We are currently GMT + 1 in the UK. Then the last Sunday of October we go back an hour to GMT; currently we are within British Summer Time (BST). If that makes sense?

    I understand what you're saying so that's good enough English for me. Certainly better than my German ;)

  • :)

    But I don't believe that you learned / learn german as much as a german student has to do.

    I relly need every chance to improve my english because I have big dreams and aims in the future

    That with the timezone was only to tell you that I'm happy that someone is online when I'm online

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